Apel pentru parteneri din Italia - proiect Europa pentru cetățeni

Apel pentru parteneri din Italia - proiect Europa pentru cetățeni

Centro Arte e Cultura Delta din Potenza (Italia) caută parteneri pentru un proiect la  Componenta 1, cu titlul The Remembrance that Helps the Future.  


În tabelul de mai jos găsiți toate detaliile: prezentarea organizației, idea de proiect și datele de contact. 

Centro d’Arte e Cultura Delta

Short Description:

Our Association, the Center for Art and Culture DELTA - Italy, operates especially for PEACE EDUCATION, in a perspective of international cooperation, where cultural diversity is a way of knowledge, a source of enrichment in the personal and social field. Hundreds of works and actions realize this effect. See please: http://www.terivolini.it/html/seminare_la_pace.htm

We are also engaged in ENVIRONMENT SOSTENIBILITY and we created a series of activities and works, and a great Photografic esibitions:

 “To Make PEACE WITH EARTH AND HUMANITY”, that you can visit also in the advance our VIRTUAL Gallery

 Link : http://www.terivolini.it/gallerie3d/pacificazione_terra/index.html Our intents-are shared on media and social networks, including the use of new tecnologies, with other associations and public and private institutions, through works, public events, conferences, meetings, workshops in schools, researchs, conferences, exhibitions and installations, symbolic actions, happenings, virtual galleries; publications, articles, poetry readings, movies.. and also with practice from over ten years of Interreligious and Intercultural Circle and the International Ceremony of the Flags of the world . link of one of them http://terivolini.blogspot.it/2013/05/seminare-la-pace.html


We operate on a national and international level, our head office is in Basilicata, Southern Italy. We are close to Matera, European Capital of Culture 2019 and to important archaeological sites: Serra d'Alto (Paleo-Neolithic), Metapontum and Grumentum (Magna Graecia); and natural sites (Lucanian Dolomites, Pollino National Park).

Contact Details

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Centro Arte e Cultura Delta -P.le Sofia, 21-85100 Potenza (Italy) · Tel: +39 339 24 14 133; +39 0971 1800129

 Website: http://www.terivolini.it/

 Name of contact person. prof. Teresa Volini called Teri Volini / Centro Arte e Cultura Delta's President /



Our Association operates trough sharing art especially for PEACE EDUCATION, in a perspective of international cooperation. We are also engaged in ENVIRONMENT SOSTENIBILITY

Our participation at the strand1 - European Memory, is based on values noticeEurope.for Citizens‘15,starting by common denominator of priorities 2014 and 2015:War, however focusing our attention on the War Repudiation, and the Enhancement of Peace and connected values. The Purpose is to implement an educational, cultural and artistic action, addressed to the civil society and the younger generation, based on Sharing, Solidarity, Humanity Behaviors and Expansion of visions; on innovative Culture, Art, Beauty and connected values

 Sharing Actions

 We want to find, highlight and share it with partner nations, involving them creatively with cultural, artistic, performative activities - in our territory but also in interchange with them- by creating of specific artworks, video, connected territorial tours in ancient towns, archeological sites and museums, photographic exhibitions, and so on.


 We’ll start from the Lives of three Prominent European Personalities: a french Poet (Apollinaire), a lituan Archaeologist (Gimbutas), a german Artist (Beuys); all 3 were young peoples at the time of the 1st and 2nd world war, from it traumatically affected. From the Story of their experience, we want to draw how they respond, not only to the fear of death, but to dehumanization, madness, temptations of "surrender" induced by adversities.

 We'll see if they succeeded in it, and/or how they reborned to life from that trauma; or how they sublimate and surpassed it, creating great works of beauty, poetry and knowlwdge survived to them; how they changed old patterns,leaved wrong memberships, operating so well in their life that they can be an example to the 3rd millennium european people: by the courage to live, to recover and start over from scratch, the tenacity to not give in and pursue their ideals, primarily Life, Love, Peace, Beauty, Poetry, Respect for the planet and humanity.

 It is part of our project an overtime "Trip", that can bring us back to the Oldest European Memory : we’ll discover an ancestral History and a not much known Culture, where Peace prevailed on war. A specially Hope indicator, for the future of the U.E. and the world, made possible by the studies and discovery of one of the three testimonials, that we’ll know with videos, exhibitions and tour in our country.

Sursă: Punctul Europa pentru cetățeni

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