Apel pentru căutare de parteneri - proiect în domeniile turism cultural și arte vizuale (limba engleză)


Programme strand: Cultural cooperation with Third Countries 

Name of Organisation: Associazione Rosalda Gilardi Bernocco 

Field of activity: Art – Visual Art -Event – Cultural Turism 

Country: Italy 

Contact person:

- Name: Cristiano Merra 

- Address: Via Cugnia 1275, 55047 Querceta Seravezza LU 

- Telephone: 0039 0584 881336 

- Fax: 0039 0584 881 336 

- Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

- Website: http://www.museogilardi.it


Title: "From Marble to Digital, the Evolution in the Art" 

Summary: 3 days, during which will be organized an Art Ehibition with the local Artists, and It will be organized a "round table " with the experts , like a representative of the Louvre Museum , the President of the Academy of Carrara , and many others , which will compete with the Artists and the audience . Where all the Artsists can explane about the themself experiences, showing all the new used techniques. 

Field of activity: Art – Visual Art – Cultural Turism 

Partners already involved 

Specific Challenge: The challenge is to accelerate and widen the exchange of skills of artists and creative people with entrepreneurs and technologists, thus creating a common language and understanding. 

Scope: The activities are structured in two lines: establishing a structured dialogue between creative people and technology developers and encouraging artists' integration into research and innovation projects, providing visibility of good practices and rewarding them.

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Source: Europe Direct Pisa

Image credit: Formalism

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